Te Pae Oranga Beneficent Launch

Three amazing kaupapa that will see massive benefits for our whaanau in days to come were launched and showcased in Waikato today. Along for the ride were many of our known Waikato grassroots leaders, mai muri ki mua as well as a few of the Govts. Maaori Ministers.

Tuatahi ake, Te Pae Oranga was launched at Te Whakakitenga Chambers (Hopuhopu) this morning. This kaupapa sees Police sitting alongside iwi/Maaori partners to address crime and prevent reoffending.

It’s an approach that holds offenders accountable but does so in a way where they are helped to have underlying issues addressed. Kiingi Tuuheitia Pootatau Vll is a patron of this groundbreaking kaupapa. Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/100044602622042/posts/330081605155258/?d=n

Tuarua ake, congratulations are in order as 2 of the 6 advisory board members who will guide the way for the new Maaori Health Authority are our very own uri Waikato tuuturu ake nei! E mihi ana ki a Raahui Papa (Poohara Paa), koorua ko Parekawhia Mclean (Te Papa-o-Rotu Marae). Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/936044653121035/posts/4136854149706720/?d=n

Hei whakakoopani ake, Te Kaarearea housing pilot gets some special guests. We’ve already housed around 50 Waikato-Tainui whaanau in our pilot housing programme in Hams East in the last year, but that’s just the start of the dream. In order to support many more of our whaanau into affordable housing, we will need Govt. support.

To help understand the need and how we could work together better mo te iwi whaanui te painga – we took Ministers Henare, Davis and Jackson on a tour of Te Kaarearea tribal members housing pilot to see and breathe in the benefits felt by whaanau themselves. 

– Highlight of the tour? One of our tribal residents walking out his front door and hiiika! The Government and My Iwi Maangai are sitting across the road suffice to say, albeit sheepish, it gave him a good chuckle on the walk to his waka.

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