Social Procurement

Our strategy aims to fuel our tribal economy by supporting the growth and prosperity of our people through enhancing our procurement activities to grow the demand and supply of tribal goods and services throughout the economy.

Kia tupu, kia hua, kia puaawai.

A tribal economy to support the growth and prosperity of our people.

Long term goal
Kotahi te kohao o te ngira e kuhuna ai te

miro maa, te miro pango, te miro whero.
Operating as one to optimise our tribal economy to increase iwi, hapuu, marae and whaanau participation.

Tribal economy optimisation

A draft social procurement strategy across the wider tribal group has been finalised in 2022 and signals a new beginning in how Waikato-Tainui procures services and products in the very near future. Over the past year, Waikato-Tainui and Tainui Group Holdings have worked together to develop a strategy and operational model for social procurement that will be adopted across both entities.

As an organisation, the development of the strategy has enabled us to look at how we merge our social and commercial objectives for the betterment of our whaanau.

Through the implementation of the strategy, we will need to optimise our tribal economy to increase iwi, hapuu, marae and whaanau participation. It will mean changing the way we do things and placing value on aspects in addition to cost.

Some of the priority areas that the strategy will cover includes a concentrated focus on implementing policy and process changes, allocating resources and working with our talent pool to ensure they’re ready to take up the opportunities that are created. The goal is to have our people working on our projects, and to then seek those same opportunities from our partners. Ultimately, we want to scale up and replicate what we’ve achieved to date with some of the contracts for Ruakura so there’s an extensive implementation work programme we still need to confirm.


Strategy overview

Enabling Initiatives

Improve and optimise our current state in order to deliver effectively on the social procurement strategy.

Demand Initatives

Increase and continual growth of our tribal pipeline of works as well as provide a strong connected procurement platform for our people to engage with us on.

Supply Initiatives

Increase growth and quality of tribal supply to deliver on as much tribal procurement spend as possible.


  • Improved capability of staff to support the delivery of social procurement
  • Increase in tribal business capability for those involved in Group social procurement activity
  • Increased financial benefits to whaanau through leveraging the collective buying power of the tribal economy
  • Increased number of registered Tribal Talent year on year
  • Improved awareness and understanding of what social procurement is across the tribal economy
  • Increased number of converted social procurement opportunities with registered Tribal Talent across all group spend
  • Improved experience of tribal businesses when dealing with the Group