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It’s our space to share honest koorero and helpful tips that make talking about money easier.
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to move onwards,
move upwards.
to grow.
to spring up, develop.
to rise.

Whanake is the team responsible for supporting the economic development of Waikato Tainui Tribal members.

It’s our job to empower whaanau through access to housing, financial literacy, pakihi support and more. To do this, we’ve created a range of awesome services, which you’ll find in this hub. From stories about our people, to quick tips and opportunities to increase your knowledge, it’s all here at Whanake!

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Talking about money can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.

If you're learning to be better with money, this guide is a great place to start. In it, we've highlighted three habits to start with money and learn from some of our own Tribal members' experiences.

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Home Repairs Programme

Waikato-Tainui and Habitat for Humanity share an alignment of values in seeking to want to improve the living situation of those who need it. This project hopes to enable Waikato-Tainui tribal members who own their own homes and who may need urgent, necessary, or preventative repair work done – an avenue to fix their whare.

This project is an opportunity for tribal members based in the North Island (excluding Auckland and areas further north and the Taranaki region) to apply for a 0% interest loan for essential home repairs.

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Express your interest here to access the Application Form.

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Upcoming free courses

Tooku Nei Whare – Home Ownership Workshops

Know what to expect during the home buying process, with a group of likeminded people. Learn about the key information you will need to know and ways to get support as a whaanau.


Whai Rawa – Financial Literacy Workshops

Build confidence and new habits around money, with our free Financial Literacy course. Whether it’s a whare or a new pakihi this is a great way to turn your dreams into a plan.


Join the Whaanau

Register as a Waikato Tainui Tribal member or update your details, and access a range of support services, resources and education.


Free Financial Literacy courses


Free Home Buyers education


Pakihi funding opportunities and support

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