Hopuhopu Innovation Hub

Key strategic objectives include tribal identity and integrity, including “to grow our tribal estate and manage our natural resources.” The plan is designed to enhance Waikato-Tainui participation in resource and environmental management.
Ko Tainui Te Waka, Ko Taupiri Te Maunga,
Ko Waikato Te Awa, Ko Pootatau Te Wherowhero Te Tangata
He Piko, He Taniwha, He Piko He Tanwiwha
Waikato Taniwharau
An integrated and holistic approach to achieving the social, economic, environmental, and cultural aspirations of Waikato-Tainui. A unique, vibrant, interconnected living, working and learning community inspiring unity, collaboration and innovation.

Waikato-Tainui Niho Taniwha

Connecting People, Culture & Place
  • A place that speaks uniquely of Waikato Tainui
  • A place that connects Waikato Tainui to each other, to the community and out to the world
  • A place that connects our past, present and future

Celebrating the Whenua

  • Celebrating the Whenua Supporting strong connectivity between people, land and awa
  • Restoring and healing the land and it's ecology
  • Communicating Waikato Tainui's role as kaitiaki

Welcoming you Home

  • An environment of welcome and unity
  • An environment for people - where everyone can feel at home
  • An environment that is accessible and safe, approachable and easy to navigate

Nurturing a Resilient Community

  • Promoting diversity and supporting agility across precinct activities and experiences
  • Create access to a range of learning, working and living opportunities and resources
  • Designing for future growth and long term sustainability through flexible planning and design
  • Each stage of the development design to support a 'complete community' that can grow over time

Native nursery

Actively reflects Waikato Tainui's role as Kaitiaki in how it functions, looks and interacts with the whenua

Achieving a careful balance between environmental, cultural and commercial self- sustainability

Prioritising a nurturing environment for people and ecology - through active training opportunities and successful ecologically sound commercial practice

Operating as a social, cultural and environmental ecosystem through day to day processes and active connectivity between people and whenua

Social housing

A stable, supportive, whanau focused environment and community network - designed to create positive connects between people

Fit for the site, context and Waikato Tainui's people, with a long term view of sustainability

Offering variety and choice, an environment that provides for a range of housing needs

Providing physical and emotional comfort - warm, dry, safe, connected, supported

Maintenance zone

In planning.

Sports & Recreation Precinct

Connecting people with a diverse range of activities, events & experiences - sports/culture/community/ business etc.

Whanau focused - supporting sport & activity for our tamariki

Developed with a Multipurpose Focus (avoid single use functionality)

Hosting events at different scales
(enabling flexibility/agility)

Promoting Tainui-tanga- uniquely welcoming hospitality, uniquely Waikato