Ngaa Ringa Raupaa

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

What’s you’re name?

Ngatiriti Yvonne Pakiripia Eparaima-Hautapu


What do you do at Waikato-Tainui?

I am the HR Business Partner in the People & Culture Team. My priority is the care of our kaimahi that work at Waikato Tainui. From ensuring that our work practices are consistent and reflective of our culture, to creating policies and processes that make kaimahi lives easier, all the way to lending a listening ear when it’s needed. And all the paperwork and filing in between.


What do you love about your mahi?

I think we have so many incredibly special people that work here. Talent, cleverness, aroha and mahi-hard attitudes. That’s what I love about my mahi.


What are the main challenges of your mahi?

Constantly trying to find the balance between ‘mainstream’ and ‘iwi’ when you’re working in a business – there’s a fine line sometimes!


What does a normal day at mahi look like for you?

Lots and lots of emails and word documents.


Who is your main inspiration within Waikato and also throughout world?

There are too many. I find my inspiration in the stories of the past and the people who work here.

Just recently Renata (Carver) designed the tohu for our Kaimahi Ora Strategy. We had one koorero, then he went away and produced the most beautiful and stunning tohu. His ability to really connect with his mahi aa-wairua, to Te Ao Maaori, and present those thoughts through his craft is so special. These moments make me feel proud to work here and inspired to do more.


What do you do to relieve stress?

Breathe. List out everything that needs to be done and prioritise. Wake up early. Karakia/set intentions. Work on one thing at a time. Hoki ki te taiao. Cook a beautiful meal for my whaanau with a decadent glass of wine. Put on lounge music, light a candle and feel thankful for this privilege.


What’s your favourite non-mahi thing to do in your spare time?



What do you hope to have achieved for the people and marae by the time you move on from this mahi?

I just hope that I leave things in a better place than when I got here, if I can make one person’s life easier, I will be happy with that.


Ko Ngaati Raukawa ki te Tonga te iwi

Ko Ngaati Pareraukawa me ko Ngaati Tuuranga ngaa hapuu

Ko Ngaatokowaru me Paranui ooku Marae

Kia ora tatou katoa!