Remaining Claims

Kawerongo 2022

Whakamoemitia te Atua i toona waahi ngaro
Matua, tama, wairua – paimaarire
Tangihia tonutia ngaa mate o te waa – moe mai raa
Otira ngaa ringaringa me ngaa waewae o te Kiingitanga kua wheturangitia – moe mai raa, haere, whakangaro atu
Tiihei mauriora ki te whai ao, ki te ao maarama

As yet another year comes to pass, this Kawerongo provides a snapshot of the mahi that has been achieved to date and the advancement of negotiations of the Waikato-Tainui remaining claims throughout 2022.  With this in mind, we are continually mindful of the wellbeing of our people being paramount and are guided by the tongikura; Amohia ake te ora o te iwi ka puta ki te whei ao.

Takarangi Framework

As we continue negotiating the settlement of our remaining Te Tiriti o Waitangi claims with the Crown, we ensure that mana moana, mana motuhake and mana whakahaere are the guiding principles of negotiations and form the basis of what will be negotiated moving forward.  Redress is being sought to achieve taiao, haapori, kaupapa and whai rawa aspirations.  Ultimately, the waka hourua model is the vehicle by which this is to be achieved, where we work together with the Crown, and the people to achieve these aspirations.


Takarangi Framework


Realising the aspirations for settlement

Although engagement has been somewhat hindered this year with the presence of Covid-19 in our communities, we were able to re-confirm the unique priorities for settlement, particularly in relation to Kaawhia Moana.  A waananga was held at Aaruka Marae in late July of this year to understand the aspirations of the people and how these could be realised through a settlement.  Common themes echoed in discussions which inform negotiations with the Crown.

We look forward to continued engagements in 2023 as we work towards achieving an Agreement in Principle, alongside Ngaati Maniapoto for Kaawhia Moana.

CE engagements

Parallel to negotiations, we have been making a joint effort to meet with senior leaders of the various Crown Ministries to discuss the aspirations for settlement and to form and foster relationships.  We have been able to understand government work programmes and initiatives that could bring about change for our people prior to settlement and discuss with CE’s their views on settlement redress.  We will continue these engagements into 2023, and the strengthening of these relationships.

Kaawhia Moana negotiations

We have had several Crown negotiations hui this year with our negotiations team, and the Crown negotiator Sir Brian Roche.  We were fortunate to welcome Terina Moke and Hoturoa Kerr to our negotiations team earlier this year, who bring valuable input and perspectives to the negotiations table.

Alongside this team, we have developed high-level redress mechanisms for Kaawhia Moana, which touch on environmental (whenua and moana), economic, and social and cultural matters.  We are in discussions with the Crown about what ownership of the moana could look like which would see tangata whenua making decisions on all matters affecting the moana.

Like the raupatu and river settlements, we know it is important to look to the past, at our own history and the consequences of it, to determine our way forward.

In the new year, we will be presenting these key themes in a presentation to the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, to inform him of the special factors that must be considered for this settlement.


Historical Account

To reflect our history and have a comprehensive account of Crown breaches of te Tiriti, a historical account has been commissioned and a draft completed by Vincent O’Malley.  We are in the process of reviewing the draft account and seeking input and koorero from our people to finalise it.  The intention is to have this completed by the time we reach an Agreement in Principle for Kaawhia Moana.

Ministerial Site Visit to Whaaingaroa


Another momentous occasion was Minister Little’s visit to Whaaingaroa in April.  The Whaaingaroa Collective – Tainui o Tainui, Ngaati Tamainupoo, Ngaati Maahanga, Ngaati Whakamarurangi and Tainui Awhiro spoke to the nature of their historic te Tiriti grievances that remain unresolved. 

Whakapaa mai

We are gearing up to accelerate the work programme in the new year. Watch this space for more hui to input and feedback.

If you have any questions about the Waikato Tainui Remaining Claims please get in touch with Michelle Samson (Rights and Interests Executive Assistant) at [email protected]

We hope that you all have a safe and relaxing Christmas holiday, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2023.  Amohia ake te ora o te iwi, kia puta ki te whei ao, ki te ao maarama

Kia tau te maarirerire ki a taatou

Rahui Papa
Waikato-Tainui Negotiator