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Wirihana Supplies


Real leather. Hand-crafted pēke. Designed in Aotearoa.

Our luxurious yet minimalistic pēke are hand-crafted in small batches using full and top grain leather and have a touch of te ao Māori.

Much like pounamu that absorbs the oils and essence of each owner as its handed down generation after generation, leather also captures the oils and marks from its wearer creating a patina. This patina tells the story of its lifetime which makes it extra special when you in turn hand this taonga down to the next generation. Yes our leather pēke will last a lifetime!

Grain leathers are the highest quality of all leather and develop a natural patina which is highly sought after by leather enthusiasts.

We use sustainable materials and ethical practices.

No animal is killed for its hide. The hide is a by-product from meat and dairy industries where the hide would otherwise be discarded.

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