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Welcome to Tutu Toi, the meeting point of artistry and cutting-edge laser technology. Our creations beautifully harmonize tradition and innovation, drawing inspiration from the captivating narratives of purakau (stories) and matauranga Māori (Māori knowledge).

At Tutu Toi, we take immense pride in honoring our heritage, uplifting our people, and upholding sustainability as core values in everything we do. As passionate artisans, we warmly invite you to join us on an extraordinary journey where our unique cultural expression seamlessly intertwines with modern technology.

Our extensive range of homemade art pieces includes exquisite earring sets, heru (ornamental combs), and captivating art prints. We also offer a selection of corporate branded items, reflecting the same attention to detail and creative finesse that both our directors, deeply rooted in design thinking and solution generation, possess.

Elevate your brand's presence with our personalized laser-cut business merchandise. From eye-catching keychains and sustainable branded packaging to bespoke corporate items, our expertise brings your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship. Each of our creations ensures your brand stands out in the crowd, leaving an indelible impression on your audience.

Discover the power of bespoke designs that authentically represent your brand's identity, capturing the very essence of your unique story. Embrace the perfect fusion of tradition and technology at Tutu Toi, where art, culture, and innovation converge, unlocking new possibilities for your brand's success.

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