We are a team of experienced kaiaarahi dedicated to supporting whaanau in achieving their aspirational goals by providing access to Whaanau Ora services. We understand that navigating the housing and social service systems can be challenging which is why we are here to help. We are descendants of the local hapuu/ iwi and we believe whaanau deserve the best opportunities available to them.
Te Whaainga has undertaken a comprehensive initiative to support vulnerable families by incorporating the principles of Whaanau Ora, Tino Rangatiratanga, Te Ao Maori, and Housing. This executive summary provides an overview of our efforts, achievements, and future goals in promoting the well-being and empowerment of the families.

What we offer:
We understand that navigating the housing and social service systems can be challenging. We believe our whaanau deserve the best opportunities available to them to thrive and our role is to support them to achieve their aspirations.
The purpose of Te Whaainga is to enhance the financial independence and overall wellbeing of whaanau by providing them with access to Whaanau Ora services and affordable housing pathways. We believe that by empowering whaanau to live their tino rangatiratanga, we can help them achieve their own goals and reverse the negative impacts of generational trauma.
Te Whaainga is committed to providing support, resources and opportunities that will enable whaanau to achieve greater financial stability and security, and thrive in the community.
We provide a unique, culturally responsive service that prioritises Whaanau Ora which is essential to the health and wellbeing of our community. Our housing solutions are designed to meet the needs of our families and provide long-term stability and security.

The need:
Whanau Ora and the Emergency Housing space
Te Whaainga’s findings indicate that there is a significant housing crisis in Waikato Hamilton, particularly for Maaori families. As Whaanau Ora Navigators, we have worked in the emergency housing space alongside the Ministry of Social Development for well over 5 years, since before the sudden and dire increase in need for emergency housing for whaanau in 2018.
During our work as Whanau Ora Navigators we have encountered many barriers and challenges that whaanau have had to overcome. Some of these include:
Housing navigation, Lack of affordable housing, limited financial resources, complex needs, stigma and discrimination, and a lack of support networks.

Target base
The emergency housing statistics (Ministry of Social Development, 2023.) reveal that Maaori families make up the majority of the homeless population in the region. Of the 9198 households (across the country) in Emergency Housing 63 percent (5794) are Maori.

The report highlights the need for a Maaori housing provider to work with local Iwi whanau and provide them with affordable and sustainable housing. Moreover, the report emphasizes the importance of wrapping Whanau Ora services around whanau to address the underlying issues that lead to homelessness including support services, such as budgeting advice, job training, and access to health and social services.

Our Why
To achieve housing aspirations for whanau and reverse the negative impacts of raupatu for whanau through Whaanau Ora services.
Our mission is to become a lead housing provider who provides safe, affordable, housing to Iwi while prioritizing Whaainga Ora services to support our most vulnerable families. Through providing services that will reverse the impacts of generational trauma and build resilient whanau.

In conclusion
Te Whaainga have witnessed a significant increase in the complexity of the housing and social needs of whaanau. Due to this need, and a lack of Maori housing providers in our rohe, Te Whaainga set out to provide pathways that support and strengthen whaanau wellness and promote tino rangatiratanga. We remain committed to our vision of empowering vulnerable families. We will continue to enhance our support services, ensuring they align with the principles of Whaanau Ora, Tino rangatiratanga, Te Ao Maori, Iwi and Housing.
In conclusion, by incorporating the principles of Whaanau Ora, Tino rangatiratanga, Te Ao Maori, and Housing and Iwi, we have fostered a nurturing environment where families can flourish.

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