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Te Korowai Kāinga play a critical role in preserving cultural heritage, through land management, and housing support for communities and individuals. Everything about our company reflects a commitment to reducing the issues of homelessness and the isolation and impact caused by housing displacement. We know that one standard pathway for all does not work, so we have a vision and mission, centered around using integrated solutions that identify the housing aspirations of our whānau, and provide them with the right programmes, tools, and networks to get them there.

The whakatoki that speaks to the essence of our company is "Mā te kahukura ka rere te manu'' – a bird adorned with feathers is able to fly. This reflects the idea that with the right resources, guidance, and support, communities can achieve their goals and aspirations. We know secure housing is a foundational need (along with food and water) that must be met so people can move from surviving to thriving. We adorn our whanau with the feathers they need to take flight.

Te Korowai Kāinga focuses on inclusivity and diversity, through addressing the housing needs of different communities, including Māori and other ethnic groups, to create an equitable and inclusive housing environment. By engaging with Iwi and understanding their unique needs, and by collaborating to establish housing solutions that are culturally and socially appropriate.
Te Korowai Kainga Services include

Our approach is whānau led with Kāinga focused programmes and support that link up with whenua focused programmes and support. When they arrive in our service, that is just the beginning, and we have the honour and privilege of helping them with where they want to go.

Whenua and Kainga

1. Whenua Services:
Whenua services revolve around land-related matters. This includes land management, development, and support for landowners and communities to make the most of their land resources.
2. Whenua Portfolio Development & Succession Planning:
This service involves helping landowners and communities develop a strategic plan for managing their land assets. Succession planning ensures the smooth transfer of land rights and responsibilities to the next generation.
3. Whānau Mediation Services:
Whānau mediation services focus on resolving family disputes or conflicts within Māori communities. These services may be aimed at preserving family relationships and harmony.
4. Governance Training:
Governance training provides education and guidance to individuals, groups, or organizations involved in making decisions about land management and community affairs. It helps build effective governance structures.
5. Whenua Planning Workshop Facilitation:
These workshops facilitate discussions and planning sessions related to land use, development, and community engagement. They help bring stakeholders together to make informed decisions about land and community development.


Housing and Community support are critical for addressing housing issues and improving the overall well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities. These services have far-reaching and positive effects on health, education, employment, and social connections, making them essential components of a thriving and inclusive society.

1. Kāinga Services:
Kāinga services encompass a range of housing-related initiatives and support aimed at ensuring safe, affordable, and suitable housing for individuals and families.
2. Housing Advocacy & Support:
This service involves advocating for individuals or communities in need of housing solutions It may also provide support in navigating housing-related challenges, such as access to social housing, legal issues, and tenant rights.
3. Transitional Housing Provider:
To offer temporary housing solutions for individuals and families facing homelessness or housing instability. Our TH programme helps whānau identify their housing aspirations and then helps them to build on the skills and knowledge required. TH is a good way.to address the immediate need while finding stable, long-term housing. Working alongside Emergency Housing providers to provide TH services.
4. Community Housing Provider:
To manage and maintain housing options within a community, with a focus on providing affordable, safe, and suitable housing for low-income individuals and families.
5. Housing Education & Training:
TKKL offers Housing education and training programs, resources, guidance, and educational opportunities related to housing, including financial literacy, tenant education, and homebuyer education.

Our Kāinga services are designed to address housing challenges, reducing homelessness, and ensuring that communities have access to safe and affordable housing. They play a significant role in improving the overall well-being and quality of life for individuals and families by promoting stable housing environments and providing essential support and resources.

Support services like housing advocacy, transitional housing, community housing providers, and housing education and training are vital components of a comprehensive approach to addressing housing issues and homelessness, ultimately contributing to stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities.

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