Hale Compound Conditioning

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Fitness in many forms is our way of life: Whanau Ora Ambassadors, Fitness Coach, Whakapakaritinana, Pipirikiapapatūānuku, Normalise Te Reo Māori

HCC offers high quality Group Fitness at an affordable price. Get fitter, stronger, tone lean muscle and build confidence surrounded by a supportive group of trainers and members.
With our services changing our values remain the same, with a commitment to offering a quality service dedicated to the wider community, this has never changed and will always be the driving factor for all things HCC.

5 steps to get started with HCC:

  1. Take a look at what we have to offer
  2. Make contact
  3. Discuss your goals
  4. Put a plan in place
  5. Get started

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Hale Compound Conditioning

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