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Welcome to Autaia Collection, the home of Māori design earrings. Our earrings are crafted with intricate patterns inspired by the rich culture and heritage of the Māori people. At Autaia Collection, we believe in sharing our culture with the world and we do so through our unique patterns that are guided by Māori world views.

Our collection features a range of Māori design earrings made with different materials at an affordable price. From delicate dangles and bold statements, we have earrings for every occasion. Our earrings are perfect for those who appreciate culture and artistry, and want to add a touch of Māori heritage to their look.

At Autaia Collection, we pride ourselves on creating earrings that are both beautiful and meaningful. Our patterns are carefully crafted to reflect the values of the Māori people, such as respect for nature and spirituality. We believe that our earrings can serve as a reminder to our customers to connect with these values and embrace them in their daily lives.

Shop our Autaia Collection and experience the beauty and spirit of Māori culture. Our earrings are not just accessories, but they are a way to connect with our heritage and share it with the world. We invite you to join us on this journey and become a part of the Autaia family.

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Autaia Collection

6/4 May Street
Hamilton, Waikato 3216
New Zealand
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Leo Kaupuke Waitere

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