Try our First Home Deposit Calculator

Know where to start on your haerenga to home ownership, with a quick stock-take of your deposit.


Many of us dream of owning their first home, but how many of us know how to turn this dream into a plan? It can be hard to know where to start and sometimes even getting to the starting point can be enough to deter us from going further.

With our First Home Deposit calculator, we’re empowering Waikato-Tainui Tribal members to gain an idea of how much of a deposit you have for your first home. It takes into consideration things like KiwiSaver, any cash savings and recommends grants and other support you may be eligible for. Think of it as a stock-take of what you’ve got to work with, before you start your haerenga to home ownership.


What happens next?

Once you’ve completed the calculator, we’ll send you an overview of this information. In this overview you’ll gain an idea of any assistance you may be entitled to and other helpful information that may help on your journey. We’ll also direct you to a range of free courses and housing services you and your whaanau can access through Waikato-Tainui. It’s all part of our mission to support Tribal members on their haerenga to homeownership.
Tiimata taatou
“When you start, you have to be real about your situation. But once you are, that’s your first stepping stone to be able to empower yourself to achieve your own financial goals, because you have to start somewhere. Kia kaha, just go hard.”
– Hinerangi, Waikato-Tainui Tribal Member

What’s behind our First Home Deposit calculator?

This First Home Deposit Calculator was established by Whanake to empower Waikato-Tribal members with information and also gain an understanding of our housing needs as Waikato-Tainui.

The calculator is one of a range of services we’re creating to support our people into home ownership, by helping to inform where we need to be building homes, who needs support and what these homes may need to include.

After gathering the experiences of a range of Tribal members it became clear to Whanake that one of the common steps to starting a homeownership journey, is understanding how much you may already have to work with. The confidence this can build is huge and you can read more about the experiences of Tribal members on our Tahua Talks series.

The online tool empowers Waikato-Tainui Tribal members to calculate a rough idea of their deposit, whilst also taking into account other grants and support they may be eligible for. As well as this, each person will gain access to a range of free courses, designed to empower whaanau through financial literacy and knowledge of the homeownership process.


Build the confidence to start your home ownership journey.

For many Tribal members who have purchased their own home, understanding what you have to work with was the first step to building the confidence they needed to pursue homeownership.


Turn your dream of home ownership into a plan.

With this calculator, it’s our hope that Tribal members can work out their starting point, feeling empowered, confident and capable. Once you understand what you’re working with, we then have a range of services and resources you can use to create or continue your plan.


Empower our people through financial literacy and home buying information.

We understand it can be a bit uncomfortable sharing about money. So our tool enables you to calculate some of the basic stuff like income, savings, KiwiSaver and any grants you may also be eligible for in a way that is easy and empowering.