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Ecospace specialises in building high quality, transportable cabins & tiny homes built with eco-friendly materials, and a big focus on sustainability from start to finish
Our 4 core values of the company are Sustainable, Flexible, Affordable, Quality. The primary structure of our cabins are Formance SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) and this was chosen for its overall sustainable, and energy efficient benefits over the lifetime of the building. Our cladding is Abodo (NZ), a natural thermally heat treated timber made from 100% renewable resources, and we have chosen to use high quality, eco-friendly products where possible throughout each step of the design, which was designed with my guidance by architect Leslie England of Eco Habitats.
The end result is something we’re very proud of, a visually appealing, very warm, energy efficient, transportable space that can be used by Kiwi’s for multiple situations, both off-grid and fixed. We have 4 concepts available at present, with the goal of creating bigger concepts as we grow, especially making use of the new 30m2 detached dwelling rule which is about to be rolled out by the government, and eventually tapping into the prefab industry in a year or 2 with the same 4 principles, with a even more affordable option to help our people, and the younger generation get onto the property ladder

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