Kawenata Drives Educational Outcomes for Uri Whakaheke

Te tira haere o Waikato-Tainui ngaatahi me te Minita Tuarua i ngaa Take Maatauranga, a Kelvin Davis raaua ko te Mema Paremata a Tamati Coffey
Kawenata Breaks Ground in Educational Outcomes for Uri Whakaheke
Today, heads of Waikato-Tainui, Ngaati Raukawa an Ngaati Tuuwharetoa (task-force name Ngā Iwi) signed a Kawenata with the Ministry of Education providing a seat at the table and collaboration rights on key policies and programmes that impact aakonga Maaori and their whaanau. Key to this Kawenata is also a commitment to implement initiatives to support Maaori educational success as Maaori and not other.
“The Kawenata will establish a framework of Mana Motuhake (self-determination), wellbeing and prosperity, as well as demonstrate an effective partnership between the Crown and Ngā Iwi that is based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its principles” Linda Te Aho says.
Ngā Iwi look forward to working with the Ministry based on the new agreement which includes engaging meaningfully with Maaori, iwi, hapuu and whaanau to develop a range of resources including a puna maatauranga – digital repository of maatauranga aa iwi (iwi knowledge), a marau-aa-iwi (curriculum) framework, a range of rauemi (resources) to support the marau, and waananga, at authentic learning spaces.

Associate Education Minister, Kelvin Davis, said the Kawenata is a collective relationship agreement by the Ministry, Tūwharetoa, Raukawa and Waikato-Tainui (Ngā Iwi) to establish a perpetual Tiriti | Treaty-based partnership based on equity and rangatiratanga.

The Ministry is currently in the process of redesigning the way it works. Part of its refocus is how it can give better effect to Te Tiriti | The Treaty. Minister Davis said while the Ministry is good at asking Maaori for feedback on key issues, often it lacked the ability to change its mindsets, systems, and processes to address those key issues.

The Kawenata will streamline some of the processes currently in place at the Ministry by employing a ‘one-Ministry’ approach with Ngā Iwi, rather than the current highly transactional approach with multiple points of contact and relationships across the Ministry.

The parties to the Kawenata are committed to working together in line with some shared maataapono (principles):

  • PONO – that we deliver on the things we said we would do.
  • We recognise and respect the mana, statutory autonomy and responsibilities of the other.
  • We conduct our relationship in a mana-enhancing manner.
  • We undertake to share information, discuss openly and solve problems together.
  • We recognise and respect the diverse strengths and contributions we each bring to the relationship.
  • We recognise the importance of using effective channels of communication and establishing regular opportunities for formal dialogue.
  • We share responsibility for any outcomes and achievements that result from our collaboration.
  • We are committed to working collaboratively in an equitable environment.

We will continue to bring you updates as this kaupapa progresses, so keep checking in.

Here are highlights of the day bought to you by the Ngaati Tuuwharetoa Trust Board, Waikato-Tainui and Te Runanga o Ngaati Raukawa. Teenaa, maatakitaki mai!

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