Waikato-Tainui Remaining Claims


Once an agreement is reached between the Crown and the West Coast Harbours Negotiations Team (Negotiations Team) that agreement will then approved by the iwi, and before being taken to Parliament to be passed into law. 

Passing the agreement into law confirms the settlement is final and makes it legally binding. The legislation will most likely be written at the same time as the Deed of Settlement, so that both the Negotiations Team and the Crown can check that each document accurately represents what is being agreed to.

Once written the draft legislation is introduced to Parliament as a Bill and all members of parliament vote on it. A Select Committee then reviews the Bill, and other iwi, organisations, community groups, or members of the public are able to make submissions. Once passed the select committee stage the Bill is read a second time and then finally a third time. It is the third and final reading that constitutes the settlement passing into law, and iwi members will be invited to Parliament to take part in this historic occasion.