Taonga Peepee

Kii ngaa Maatua, ngaa Kaitiaki, te whaanau – Kia ora!

A significant part of the wellbeing of our whaanau is their sense of belonging – knowing who they are and where they come from. Through the giving of taonga to our Peepee, we give personal recognition to the intrinsic connection Peepee has with you, your Iwi, Hapuu and Marae.

Taonga Peepee is an initiative under the Koiora Strategy supporting tribal members to lead their own Health and Wellbeing. Through Taonga Peepee we hope to promote the registration of tribal members at birth, increase access to cultural, educational and health resources, and strengthen the connection of peepee with their iwi to reinforce their cultural heritage and identity. 

Our packs have been created for peepee under 6 months to ensure the connection with peepee and the whaanau has been established as early as possible. This doesn’t only begin peepee’s relationship with their iwi but sets them up for future opportunities with Waikato-Tainui by simply registering them. 

October 2020 is when we launched our Taonga Peepee packs, hosting 10 whaanau and their peepee to receive the first packs. Since the launch our Taonga Peepee pack has grown and has been received by 92 whaanau across the motu!

How to receive a Taonga Peepee Pack?

Ensure you (parent or caregiver) are registered with Waikato-Tainui before you register peepee by contacting our team.

If you are registered, ensure that your details are up to date.

You can register peepee online or by contacting us for a hardcopy to be sent to you via email or mail. 

Once you receive your Taonga Peepee pack we would love to receive a pikitia of yourself and peepee to share your excitement with other tribal members on what they can look forward to!

Ngaa Taonga

Explanation of each Taonga

  • The symbol shown throughout the Taonga Peepee kit is a design by Korotangi Paki, son of Kiingi Tuheitia. The symbol represents Aroha which is one of the values of the Ngaa Maataapono o te Kiingitanga.
  • There is a certificate celebrating the registration of Peepee with their unique tribal registration number and details.
  • A safety sticker that is filled out and put onto the car seat for peepee.
  • A pounamu toki taonga crafted by a Waikato business known as Our Taiao and karakia blessing by Kaumaatua Hone Turner.
  • Wrap and bib bearing the Aroha symbol by Made Studios and Batreece Poto Morgan.
  • Pukapuka Puipui Ake a milestone journal by Jessica Hita and Tuhoro Paki.
  • Treasures given in partnership with Asaleo Care NZ.
  • A carepack carefully selected and endorsed by Melissa Paekau-McBride (Maaori Midwife) and associates to help protect peepee from Covid-19.
  • Kuwi and Friends Maaori Dictionary by artist Kat Quin and Reo by Pania Papa.

Taonga Peepee Packs received by whaanau and images of their ataahua peepee!