Settlement History

The history of raupatu

Timeline of significant events

“The Crown seeks on behalf of all New Zealanders to atone for these acknowledged injustices, so far as that is now possible, and, with the grievance of Raupatu finally settled as to the matters set out in the Deed of Settlement signed on May 22 1995 to begin the process of healing and to enter into a new age of co-operation with the Kiingitanga and Waikato.”

The Wai 30 claim was filed in the Waitangi Tribunal in 1987, by Sir Robert Mahuta, the Tainui Maaori Trust Board and Ngaa Marae Toopuu for and on behalf of Waikato iwi.

Tainui Maaori Trust Board

Tainui Maaori Trust Board was established to receive 1946 partial settlement funds.

Ngaa Marae Toopuu

Ngaa Marae Toopuu is a non-constituted body set up in 1975 which comprised 120 Marae of the Tainui Waka Confederation. Its remit was to uphold Kiingitanga tikanga.


Sir Robert Te Kotahi Mahuta the lead negotiator, negotiated the Raupatu (whenua) claim (excluding the Maioro/Waiuku and East Wairoa land blocks) which was settled in 1995 as the Waikato Raupatu Settlement.

The Wai 30 claim concerned all historic Treaty of Waitangi breaches in relation to:

  1. Waikato lands, being those confiscated form Waikato under the New Zealand Settlements Act 1863, including Maioro/Waiuku and East Wairoa land blocks;
  2. The Waikato River; and
  3. The West Coast Harbours, being Kaawhia, Whaingaroa, Aotea and Manukau Harbours.