TAINUI WAKA Be a doer, karawhiua!

Get in the know and protect your whaanau!

Keeping informed when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine is really important so you know how to protect yourself, kaumaatua and whaanau from the effects of the virus. Making informed decisions is the best way we can fight the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the welfare and wellbeing of our hapori.

By ensuring you know key information about the vaccine you’ll be playing your part in protecting those nearest and dearest to you, especially those who have chronic or long-term health issues. The free COVID-19 vaccine will help protect everyone around the motu, and safeguard Aotearoa. It will save lives.

You will need 2 doses of the vaccine to guarantee your immunity to the virus, and don’t forget both are totally FREE! It’s your choice e te whaanau, but all we ask is that you Get in the Know and Protect the Whaanau!

Vaccine key info

Everything you want to know, and nothing you don’t. Key info for our people

Frequently asked questions

Everything you want to know, and nothing you don’t. Key information for our people

The Vaccination Experience

Stories from people around Tainui Waka who have been vaccinated. Why'd they decide to get vaccinated, and what was their experience

Where can I get my vaccine?

Find our where you can receive your free vaccination doses (2 doses makes you immune, 1 does does not)


Keep up to date on the current Alert Levels for Aotearoa


Latest news and updates from the All-of-Government response to COVID-19.


Read more about the Ministry of Health’s latest advice on symptoms, prevention and treatment of COVID–19.


Take a look at what others are doing to support Maaori here and beyond.