COVID-19 Tamaiti Aakona


Family is at the heart of life-long learning!

Kei ngaa rangatira o teenaa whare, o teenaa whare, teenaa koutou katoa.

Learning from home has become our new ‘normal’ and for those of us who are not trained teachers, the thought of having to manage working from home, running a household whilst also meeting the diverse needs of our tamariki is a daunting task. However, there is hope!

As parents and caregivers, we are not expected to run a 9 to 3 classroom within the confines of our home. Our role is to provide an environment where our children can learn.

Some schools have already prepared for term 2 by setting up online learning platforms for their students. E.g. Google Classrooms, Seesaw and ClassDojo. Provisions have also been made for whaanau who do not have access to internet services and/or devices. If you need extra support at home, please contact your child’s school in the first instance.

Explore the different websites and useful links provided below and if you have any questions, please email us by clicking the button below.


Kia Manawaroa brings together information from the Ministry of Education and other agencies, to support iwi and Maaori audiences to increase their knowledge and therefore be given the opportunity to be more actively involved in supporting their children’s learning.


Learning from Home provides you with information and links so you can support your child to learn from home.

This guide was developed for teachers, parents and whaanau as they continue to support the hauora/wellbeing of children and young people.

Ki Te Ao Mārama is an online space providing whaanau with practical advice, guidance and resources they can use with their tamariki (age 0 – 18 years) to support learning in te reo Maaori at home and outside the classroom.

Has your teenage son/daughter asked you for help with their math and you have no idea how to help them? Websites like Khan Academy have great teaching videos.
To get started, create a Parent and Learner account.It also helps to Create a schedule if you haven’t already done so.

Papa Kaainga TV and Maaori Television will start broadcasting education programmes for early learners and students (Years 1-10) from 15th April. Papa Kaainga TV will be shown free to air, on TVNZ channel 1 – 2 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky channel 502. It will run from 9 – 3pm on schooldays with programming for tamariki and taiohi aged 2 to 15 and also for parents. Maaori Television will also be broadcasting te reo educational programmes (for ages 2 to 18) from 9 – 3pm on schooldays. is an online animated reo Māori website for children’s books. This website is for tamariki and whānau. It’s an opportunity to access te reo Māori and kaupapa Māori stories online.

Raukupu brings to life the literary workings of renowned te reo author, Kahurangi Kaaterina Te Heikookoo Mataira.

This link gives you access to virtual museums around the world.

HEIHEI is a bright and cheerful streaming platform filled exclusively with safe, age-appropriate content. It is packed full of stuff that speaks to those young at heart — a growing, organised catalogue of locally-made and handpicked international shows, stories, games and music.

Prodigy is a curriculum aligned math game enjoyed by children all over the world. And it’s free!

TKSST is an unprecedented collection of over 4,500 kid-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom and at home. Selections are grown-up-friendly, too. And, it’s free for everyone.

Tynker is a coding platform for children. They are currently offering free access to premium coding courses during the school closures.

Kiwi Kids News is a safe, education and informative news website for New Zealand students and teachers.
4 or 5 relevant news articles are uploaded every school day to keep students informed about the world around them.

Art for Kids Hub is a YouTube channel that teaches children how to draw.

Twinkl is offering free resources for teachers and parents to download and print while schools are closed.

This children’s book retells the story of the Poukai. The Poukai is a gathering instituted by King Tawhiao in 1884. The app requires a touch screen. Whaanau can record themselves reading the text, and tamariki can colour in the illustrations.

An app in te reo Maaori for learning the Maaori Alphabet and different types of clothing that seeks to bring out the artist in your tamaiti! Sing along to the waiata, learn the alphabet and different types of clothing in te reo Maaori, trace the letters, then draw the picture that goes with each letter. Use the camera to take a photo and send your drawing to the wider whaanau!