Water Supply

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the Waikato river to support the environment, marae, whaanau and wider Waikato and Auckland regions.

Our vision is that the Waikato River sustains abundant life and prosperous communities. There is continued need to restore and protect the health and wellbeing of the awa whilst looking at proactive solutions around securing future water supply for both the Waikato and Auckland regions.

Our Context

The Waikato River is our tupuna awa – it is a core pillar in our tribal identity and essential to our wellbeing.

Over 2/3rd’s of our marae lack access to safe and consistent water supply.

There is growing demand & pressure on the over allocated Waikato River catchment. 

The current infrastructure is deficient and requires significant investment to ensure sustainability of supply.

Water storage options and investment in North Waikato required. 

Our Goals

  • 25jobs/pathways secured with partners in the water sector
  • 68Waikato marae water assessments completed
  • 3marae assets completed
  • Feasibility study for water options (Linked to 2019 Kiingitanga Accord outstanding actions)

Links to Government Priorities

  • Supporting Maaori and Pasifika aspirations
  • Building a productive nation
  • Transforming the economy

Te Paa Whakawairua Project Lead – Te Hau White

Contact: [email protected]