Plan Overview

Our Areas of Focus

All of our activities over the next 12 months are focused on designing and driving our own model of self-sufficiency for our marae, whaanau and communities to thrive. The high level outcomes we seek are derived from the words of Princess TePuea.

Kia Tupu

to grow our people
to grow our own kai
to grow our connectedness

Kia Hua

to protect our whakapapa
to protect our wellbeing
to protect our environment

Kia Puaawai

so that the people and our marae thrive under the korowai of the kiingitanga

Taniwha Projects

Building the resilience of our whaanau, marae and communities helps build the resilience of the Waikato Region and of New Zealand.

Te Paa Whakawairua


Tupu Whenua

Hopuhopu Hub

Water Supply

Niho Taniwha

The niho or teeth of our taniwha are those key enablers that help to amplify wellbeing outcomes for whaanau, marae and communities.

Tribal Talent

Training, Employment

  • Capturing/creating employment opportunities
  • Supporting tribal members to re-skill
  • Leveraging partnerships for employment creation


Influence advocay

  • Leveraging our accords and existing relationships
  • Identifying partnership opportunities
  • Advocating for increased support


Social procurement

  • Strategy supporting whaanau & marae enterprise
  • Promote business & investment models fit for whaanau & marae
  • Leverage partnerships



  • Identifying funding sources
  • Strategic approach to funding applications
  • Coordinating organisational approach


Cohesive, deliberate

  • Building greater cohesion and collaboration
  • Identifying synergies and areas for improved outcomes



  • Building a high quality data system
  • Capturing data to inform our decision-making
  • Building capability to manage and use data well

Fundamental supports

Core functions and back-end operations

  • Ensuring effective, efficient, coordinated and timely support