Hopuhopu Hub

Creating a vibrant interconnected community at Hopuhopu which focuses on supporting innovation and holistic wellbeing.

With the expansion of the Auckland to Hamilton corridor, Hopuhopu is ideally located to develop a new centre of innovation for the Waikato region. The Hopuhopu Innovation hub redevelopment plan includes community housing, a state of the art sports, recreation and events centre development, expansion of the existing nursery enterprise and the development of a hub for tribal and community businesses and activities including archives and heritage.

Our Context

Hopuhopu is strategically placed – adjacent to the North Island main trunk line, the Hamilton to Auckland corridor and the Waikato River.

The Hopuhopu redevelopment involves 170 hectares of land owned by Waikato-Tainui.

Currently it houses the Tribal Endowment College, a small scale nursery, sporting grounds and 50 former military houses which are in need of repair/replacement.

Investment in essential infrastructure has been completed in recent years including portable water, stormwater, wastewater, electrical reticulation, and a fibre network.

Current zoning makes the site ideal for social housing, expansion of business and tribal activities, sports and recreation, events and food production.

Our Goals

  • 100 new homes built (social, private and tribal housing) over the next 2-5 years
  • 100-150 employment opportunities in housing/construction created
  • 30-50 new employment opportunities created in sports and recreation
  • Training hub for rangatahi in horticulture developed
  • 20-25 employment opportunities linked to nursery expansion. 

Links to Government Priorities

  • Supporting Maaori and Pasifika aspirations
  • Building a productive nation
  • Transforming the economy

Hopuhopu Innovation Hub Development – Porsha Wharakura

Contact: [email protected]