Nau mai, haere mai ki
Te Whakakitenga o Waikato

Te Whakakitenga o Waikato Incorporated (“we” or “us” or “Waikato-Tainui”)

Maaku anoo e hanga tooku nei whare
Ko ngaa pou oo roto he maahoe, he patatee
Ko te taahuhu, he hiinau
Me whakatupu ki te hua o te rengarenga
Me whakapakari ki te hua o te kawariki



Welcome to your onboarding journey with us

You have been elected to represent your marae as a member of Te Whakakitenga o Waikato.

Pursuant to Rule 5.1.2 of the Rules of Te Whakakitenga o Waikato, your Marae has confirmed that you:

  1. are a beneficiary;
  2. are a beneficiary of the electing marae as recorded on the Roll;
  3. are not disqualified from membership; and
  4. were elected in accordance with Rule 5.1

Before you start to fill in this form, please make sure you have access to your:

  • IRD Number
  • Bank Account Number and Verification such as a preprinted deposit slip that has been stamped by your bank.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact the Governance & Legal Team at [email protected].

Please note: We will verify your details against the tribal register and request any extra information as required.

A few details please

Need to contact us?

0800 824 684