Housing affects lots of issues in our lives and those of our children, issues that are both financial and social. Home ownership and quality housing contributes to greater whaanau prosperity and wellbeing.

We’ve identified two areas that are important things for us to address as part of the lives, futures and health of our tribal members.

Home ownership and ensuring our people live in warm, safe and healthy homes are the two most important areas where we can make a difference to the lives of our whaanau and generations to come.

Cold, damp homes and indoor pollutants contribute to the development of asthma and a host of other respiratory health problems including cancer. Substandard housing and in particular crowded, cold, damp and mouldy homes, have been linked to poorer mental health and psychological distress.

Overcrowding is also associated with elevated rates of disease hospital admissions and the spread of diseases such as meningococcal disease, tuberculosis and acute rheumatic fever.

Getting started

You have two options to kick start your pathway towards a home with Waikato-Tainui:

1. Contact Waikato-Tainui Housing Team to discuss your options


2. Register for a Home Ownership Workshop

See our latest Home Ownership Workshops by clicking here.

Once you have made contact with Waikato-Tainui by either of the two options above, you can choose to have a Kainga Action Plan developed for you, setting a pathway towards home ownership and access to Waikato-Tainui preferred suppliers.

What We Have Available

Renovated RFR Homes
We will be enhancing the RFR housing purchase option by purchasing all homes under Waikato-Tainui, renovating them to a warm, safe and healthy standard and then selling them on to tribal member first home buyers.

Tribal Housing
Waikato-Tainui are planning to build tribal housing developments offering affordable houses specifically for tribal members. These developments will establish Waikato-Tainui tribal housing in areas with good schooling and employment.

Papakainga Development
This option supports tribal members with their papakainga aspirations through Maaori Housing network assistance programmes.