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What is the purpose of Kia Haere Tuu?
Kia Haere Tuu or otherwise referred to as the Driver Licence Grant is a collaborative initiative aimed to support tribal members to gain a Class 1 car licence (Learners, Restricted and or Full) and a Defensive Driving Course qualification.

What does ‘Kia Haere Tuu’ mean?
Kia Haere Tuu translates to “Be Alert” and is derived from a well-known kiwaha of Princess Te Puea – “kia Maaori ai te haere atu, kia Maaori ai te hokinga mai” which refers to ensuring that our people who travel, return home safely.

What is the driver behind Waikato-Tainui creating Kia Haere Tuu?
Maaori are significantly over represented in road accidents and fatalities and traffic related fines and Maaori are more likely to be injured or killed than any other ethnicity. Standards for driver licence testing in New Zealand have been raised.  This change was driven by statistics which showed that a significant proportion of fatal crashes involved learner or inexperienced drivers.  Driver testing is now much more thorough, involving a wide range of driver safety and practical driving skills.

A number of barriers were identified that are limiting Maaori from attaining a driver license, such as cost, support, socially economic status, living in rural areas, access to a suitable vehicle or appropriate supervision.  The first introduction of Maaori into the NZ Courts system is through driving related offences, which are the highest in the country.  A significant amount of investigation and research was undertaken over the past 12 months involving a number of external and internal parties’ namely NZTA, Schools, Police, driving training providers and VTNZ and the Waikato-Tainui Education and Careers Team.

This resulted in establishing Kia Haere Tuu, as the high cost of driver licence fees was identified as being a major barrier preventing tribal members applying for a licence and/or delaying them moving to the next licence stage.

What are the objectives of Kia Haere Tuu?
The objectives of Kia Haere Tuu are multiple.  These are as follows:

  • To address the barrier of cost to get a licence
  • To provide a pathway to build competent and safer drivers
  • To enhance access to employment and training opportunities
  • To complement existing driver licence/safety education training initiatives
  • To assist the passing of practical driving tests
  • To reduce the time it takes to achieve a full licence
  • To reduce the number of driver related fines and court costs and
  • To highlight the benefits of working relationships between Waikato-Tainui and the private and public sector

Who is funding Kia Haere Tuu?
Waikato-Tainui is working in collaboration with Te Puni Kokiri, NZTA and the Mercury Energy to fund this Programme.

Which of the signposts does Kia Haere Tuu support?
Kia Haere Tuu aligns with the tribal strategic signposts of Ngaa Tohu Taiao – Tribal Partnerships; Nga Tohu Hapori – Social wellbeing and Nga Tohu Whai Rawa – Wealth.

Which business units have been working or have been involved with developing Kia Haere Tuu?
Kia Haere Tuu is a collaborative effort between several internal tribal units namely led by the Waikato Raupatu River Trust and supported by the Education Team, Education Grants Office, Tribal Registration Office, Environment Team and the Careers Team.

How is Kia Haere Tuu being promoted to Waikato-Tainui tribal members?
There are a number of communication mediums that have been developed to promote this Programme to Waikato-Tainui tribal members.  The first includes a launch event to be held at Waikato Stadium on 29 March 2017 with special guests, key partners and principals of the respective Kawenta schools.  Other promotional material include online marketing such as the Waikato-Tainui website and Facebook pages as well as posters, brochure and pull up signage that will be placed at not only Waikato-Tainui offices but also at VTNZ and Passrite branches to further promote the relationship and the Kia Haere Tuu Programme and offer.

If I require more information about Kia Haere Tuu, who do I contact?
For more information about Kia Haere Tuu, visit or ring 0800 TAINUI (824 684).  You can also email any queries to

VTNZ – Driver Licensing

What is the offer?
This offer provides you with a 50% discount off the FULL cost of a Class 1 car licence.  This could be for learners, restricted and or full licence.

Who is providing the offer?
Waikato-Tainui has partnered with VTNZ.  VTNZ have 80 branches spread throughout New Zealand.  Of the 80, there are 30 branches that deliver the driver licensing service except for the Upper Hutt branch.

Who is eligible for this offer?
This offer is available to any registered Waikato-Tainui tribal member who wishes to sit their licence or move to the next licensing stage.

How do I take up this offer?
To access this offer, firstly get a copy of your Tribal Registration ID Form from the Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust by calling 0800 824 684 to have your Tribal Registration ID Form sent to you.

You then need to provide a copy of suitable ID (i.e. passport, birth certificate, licence) to be held on your tribal registration file.

Go to the VTNZ website (

Select the ‘branches’ icon at the top right corner.

Go to the left of the page titled ‘filter by service’ and click on the drop down box and select ‘driver licensing’.  It will show 30 VTNZ branches provide this service.

Then type the location in the box above to find the nearest branch near you.

To receive the 50% discount, you need to take your Tribal Registration I.D Form with matching valid identification and other key documents they require into that VTNZ branch and complete the licence application form.

The balance of the licensing fee is to be paid by you at the time you confirm the booking.

What is the balance I have to pay?
Depending on the licence you wish to attain, it will be the remaining 50% of that full licence fee that will need to be covered by you.  For example you will be required to pay the below amount:

Learner licence $46.95
Restricted licence $67.40
Full licence $54.75

How do I pay my portion?
Payment can be made via credit card or debit card or eftpos payment or cash at the selected branch office.

What happens if I don’t pass?
If you don’t pass or miss your test, you will have to pay the re-sit fee yourself. The driver licence grant will not cover test re-sits or licence renewals.  You will not have to pay another application fee.  *If you want to change or cancel your test, you will have to pay a further fee.  For further information, VTNZ staff will be able to go through these details when you go into one of their branches.

Passrite – Street Talk: Defensive Driving Course

What is Street Talk?
Street Talk is a defensive driving course that has been specially designed by NZ Transport Agency to include skills that will meet the needs of young drivers in NZ with the aim of helping both Learner and Restricted drivers pass the new Driving Tests.

Who is eligible for this offer?
This offer is available to any registered Waikato-Tainui tribal member who holds a valid learners or restricted licence.

Whilst the Street Talk course is designed for drivers who are at the restricted license stage, it is recommended that all young drivers complete the Street Talk course as the course is designed to make you more competent and safer on the roads.

How does this course benefit me?
The course will not only teach you skills, knowledge and confidence to be a smarter and safer driver.  They will also learn important defensive driving skills, such as assessing and identifying hazards, so they can reduce the risk of being in a crash. It will improve their chances of passing the Restricted and Full licence driving practical tests.   In addition, the course will help you reduce your time on your licence period.   For example, if you’re over 25 years, you can use the street talk certificate to reduce your restricted licence time from 6 months to 3 months.

If you’re under 25 years, you can reduce your licence time from 18 months down to 12 months.

What is the cost for me to register on this course?
By taking up this discount offer, the cost to you is $80 (originally $180).

Who is running the course and where are the courses being held?
Waikato-Tainui has partnered with Passrite Driving Academy Limited.  The courses are only available at their Auckland and Hamilton offices.  The address and contact details for each are:

Auckland Offices Albany
3 Henry Rose Place, Albany
Phone:  09 489 9100
Contact:  Mark Chapman
44-46 Princess Street, Onehunga
Phone:  09 636 0111
Contact:  Mark Chapman
Hamilton Hamilton
94H Duke Street, Frankton, Hamilton
Phone:  07 855 1111
Contact:  Stephanie Roy

How do I book on the Street Talk course?What does the course involve?
The course comprises of 4 sessions, 2 hours in the evening (6pm-8pm) plus 1 hour in-car practical session.

To book on this course, firstly get a copy of your Tribal Registration ID Form from the Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust by calling 0800 824 684 to have your Tribal Registration ID Form sent to you.

You then need to provide a copy of suitable ID (i.e. passport, birth certificate, licence) to be held on your tribal registration file.

Then contact PassRite Driving Academy on: 0800 727 774 or book online at

If you book online click on the Street Talk icon and click on the ‘select a course and book now’ button and select the location.  Remember the only locations delivering this course are:  Auckland (Albany and Onehunga) and Hamilton.  Then complete each field in the course registration form.

To receive the special Waikato-Tainui discount offer, make sure to enter your tribal identification number in brackets () next to your name in the course registration booking form.

From here, complete the ‘payment’ fields then pay the balance of $80 to complete your booking and to secure your place on this course.

Payment is to be received prior to attending the course.

How do I pay my portion?
Payment can be made online via credit card, online banking or debit card or eftpos payment at the Auckland (Albany and Onehunga) and or Hamilton offices (refer to office contact details above).

How many times can I register on the course?
The offer only provides one admission to the Street Talk (defensive driving course) per tribal member.

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